Yanny or Laurel? Really?


OMG this Yanny or Laurel trend has me going crazy!

You know what? Let’s just say we hear “Launny” or “Yarel” I mean come on…

With all this stuff going on in the world: people dying because of an imaginary line that divides humans depending on which side they were born, animals being over-killed to satisfy humans’ taste buds, trees being ripped from this world for humans’ comfort and all the suffering going on caused by so much miscommunication and differences in perception… and now you want to cause another problem by dividing the ones that hear a different pitch? Seriously?

This is where this crap is going to end.

The people who hear “Yanny” will be classified as some sort of human species and the ones that hear “Laurel” as another.

Hey, maybe one will be closer to the dog species since they hear the higher frequency… and the other one well…who knows.

I don’t mean to be an arse about it but I will be. (arse: proper way to say ASS)

This is getting out of hand. I can’t believe so many people are talking about this while all the other stuff is happening. So, if this is what gets people to act, then let’s say Israel is “Yanny” and Palestine is “Laurel”, or that environmentalists are “Laurel” and non-believers in the importance of caring for the only planet to which we have access, are “Yanny”.

Should I keep going, or is my point getting through?

It’s really sad that the percentage of people who are affected by the crap in this world is so small compared to the percentage of people who are really, but really…so ignorant, unless of course, the crap hits close to home.

Enough is enough!

Sure… I always say “whatever floats your boat dude” but I think we’ve gone too far with the nonchalant attitude that only says: “oh how sad, something has to be done…” but then the “oh I have to get back to MY life and routine” comes back just in time to make us forget that so many need our help and gets us back to the what do you hear: Yanny or Laurel?

So many of us are so lucky to have been born in a “peaceful” country, yet all we care about is making sure we get more and more and more, instead of making sure others, who weren’t so lucky, have the same outcome. Then we wonder why even the richest always feel like there’s something missing. Like they need to accomplish more. Maybe making sure someone else has the same opportunity to feel safe, happy and hopeful, is what would make one feel complete and worthy of all the “success” they’ve accomplished.

Then again… even as I’m writing this, I’m planning my evening out with friends. It’s a never-ending vortex of wanting to make difference and falling right back in wanting to live what is left of life as we know it, as much as possible.

As long as I don’t hear another “Yanny” or “Laurel” question… because thn, I will be an ASS (not an arse…)


(La version française viendra sous-peu)

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